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23rd September 2020

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at LandTech. 

It’s how we’re helping our customers. It’s how we’re changing the industry. But, from my perspective as Head of People, it’s a huge part of how we work with each other.

We have won a fair few awards over the years, and we treasure them all. But that drive for innovation is why our latest 2020 Employee Experience Award for Innovative Employee Engagement means so much to us. 

LandTech Award Win

The ‘LandTech Experience’ – and why it matters

It’s one thing to build a company culture when everyone can fit around a table together, but as we scale towards 100+ employees, maintaining that culture takes real effort.

Add in a global pandemic and people having to then work all over the country (or even world), and it becomes incredibly important to actively work at that culture. In practice, that means having a strategy in place to drive it, and taking intentional initiatives every day to maintain it.

I am incredibly proud of the People Team, who work behind the scenes with commitment and care towards these initiatives that make LandTech a place that people want to work, even when times are difficult. 

For me, being this kind of place – where employees are happy, great products are built, and customers are treated well – centres around creating excellence and integrity in three key areas of our people strategy:

Building that people excellence in how and who we hire

We put a lot of work into showing candidates who we really are, having inclusive cross-department interview panels so they really get to know us, and using competency-based testing so we get know who they are and their contextual thinking approach. 

Hiring is not just interviews for us, we give them an informative and welcoming onboarding experience, getting them to meet everyone right through to the CEO in their first few weeks.

Working with Malcolm (the office dog)

Building that people excellence in how we think about benefits, rewards and engagement

It’s about offering something more than just monetary value (although we are good at that too). 

It's about understanding preferences, passions and life purpose for all our people and meeting them there. 

It’s understanding that their families and outside life are important. That’s why we offer flexible hours, unlimited holiday, and a commitment to transition into a remote-first company by 2021, having listened to employee needs in our internal surveys.

It’s also about understanding that we are all multi-dimensional beings, and not just working ones. We are enriching everyone to live their best selves. It’s why we financially invest in both professional and personal development for all employees to help make that happen; from finally taking those driving lessons, to booking that father-daughter art class they've always wanted to do. 

But it’s also acknowledging growth and offering opportunities around autonomous, collaborative and empowering operational dynamics. It’s why we have all-company strategy days, lunch & learns and career mapping frameworks, and set learning at the heart of cross-functional working groups. 

LandTech team away day

Finally, it’s about understanding that we, as a company, have a responsibility to make an impact in the world around us, particularly when times are particularly tough

When the pandemic hit, we made the key decision to put our people first and help our customers. So that’s what we did.

For our staff, we understood the pressures they were facing, having had to turn into teachers, guardians, carers and dependables overnight. Thinking about sincere and practical ways to help relieve this pressure, we advocated flexible hours, asynchronous working and compassion in their immediate focus towards their family needs.  

We also gave everyone an additional wellbeing holiday leave, implemented an external counselling service, and provided a work-from-home fund to comfortably set up a home office. 

Additionally, we ran daily engagement and wellbeing initiatives with a focus on their inclusion and mental health, and these included daily digital social clubs, cross-department coffee pairing, and stimulating brain teasers and fun discussion topics for all. 

We couldn’t make the pandemic disappear, but we genuinely wanted to help make employees through it where we could.

Trio making cakes over video

We’re still growing. Know someone looking for a role?

2020 hasn’t been an easy time for anyone. And there’s a chance that times could get tougher.

At LandTech, we've been very humbly fortunate. We have retained all of our staff, met our goals and continued on our growth plans.

So if you are a professional who found themselves resonating with what we stand for and are interested to join us, or know someone who is, then please send them our way.

Check out our Careers page here.

Sarah is our Head of People. She’s got a whole bunch of experience from both the startup world and big players like the BBC. She loves the countryside, and once fell out of a plane (or as she calls it, 'took part in a skydive').