Podcast – PropTech, Pandemic and P2P lending

15th February 2021

Our Head of LandFund, Oliver, was recently invited to be part of the inaugural episode of the Real Estate Club Podcast.

Organised by The Business School (formerly Cass), this made for a really interesting chat as the questions were all formulated by the students themselves, offering a real mix of avenues to explore.

The official overview of the episode was:

PropTech ft Unissu, LandTech & FinLoop

Over the last few years, PropTech has been digitally transforming the Real Estate industry through optimising the way people research, rent, buy, sell, and manage property. 

In the first of a new podcast series Dr Nicole Lux, Co-founder & COO at FinLoop and professor at The Business School is joined by PropTech experts Oliver Symons, Head of LandFund, and James Dearsley, Co-founder of Unissu, to discuss their involvement in PropTech as well as funding and investments in the space. 

The Real Estate Club’s panellists also highlight the key trends identified as a result of the pandemic, challenges PropTech start-ups face and how blockchain and AI technologies can be used to add value.

In the chat, Oliver shares his thoughts on:

  • How the pandemic affected the wider real estate industry – including why, even with the lockdown and need to work from home, it’s actually seeing people work better together
  • Why finance is the biggest blocker to development (and how PropTech can help)
  • Why the current difficulties around liquidity in the market could mean a rise in alternatives like P2P lending

It’s a really interesting chat, and well worth a listen (which you can do on Apple Podcast or Spotify below).

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