Planning Application Boundaries on LandInsight

27th October 2022

Good news! We've launched planning application boundaries on LandInsight. 

This means you can now see the boundary for a specific application on the map, if it's available for that application. 

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 19.06.51


Why are planning application boundaries useful? 

To put it simply, boundaries give you a fuller picture.

It means you can now clearly see the extent of a planning application and the area it impacts, if the boundary is available for that application. 

For example, if there's a large site that spans multiple parcels of land then the boundary will give you a clear indication as to the scope of the potential development. 


What data do we currently have?

We have boundary data for around 40,000 planning applications from across 50% of local planning authorities from September 1st 2022. Boundaries are available on an application by application basis and can be quickly identified by the 'boundary available' icon, as seen in the image below. 

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 15.23.19

In the coming months, we'll be gradually increasing this to 5 years of historic boundaries for those same planning authorities, and that's not all. We're working hard to secure data for the remaining planning authorities and reach full boundary coverage, but we'll share more on that later. 


How do I access boundaries?

You'll be glad to know it's easy.

  • Open the planning application layer
  • View the planning application list
  • Select the application
  • Look for the 'boundary available' icon 
  • View the boundary on the map 

Watch our quick video demo to see planning application boundaries in action. 

HubSpot Video


What's next?

From improved visualisation and greater control to the introduction of planning appeals, we've made some big changes to LandInsight so far this year. 

It's important for us to continue making market leading improvements to our products, and to do that we need your help: visit the LandTech Community Roadmap and vote for the features you want to see the most.

As for planning application boundaries, if you're a LandInsight user then you can log in to get started. 

if you're not a customer yet and want to know how we can help streamline your site sourcing, click the link below. 

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Calum is one of our Product Managers at LandTech, helping create features that empower our customers to find and assess off-market opportunities.