How property developers find sites with their smartphones

22nd October 2018

If you’re in the business of finding and assessing development sites, allow me to introduce you to your new co-pilot, LandInsight GO.

Our new mobile app, LandInsight GO lets you:

  • Save the details of potential development sites in an instant.
  • Check ownership and essential site information wherever you are.
  • Seamlessly share sites and insights with your team.

There’s so much to tell you, but before I get into it I have a question to ask you-

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on the road?
 walking me and max

You’re meeting clients, visiting sites, consulting planners- you always have somewhere else to be. The average property professional spends over half their working life out of the office. If you’re one of them you’ll relate to what we like to call the Developer’s Sixth-Sense

The Developer’s Sixth-Sense is what goes ringing inside your head when you walk across a potential development site. It’s what forces you to stop and take a picture even though you're late for your next meeting.


Our mobile app is tailor-made for developers and land agents engaged in site sourcing and assessment.

It takes all the effort out of logging and managing prospective sites when you’re out and about. This is what makes LandInsight GO different from the other site sourcing apps, its built to fit right into your mobile workflow.

How we made LandInsight GO the best mobile app for site-sourcing

When we started developing LandInsight GO, we focused on the things people need and want to do on their phones. Our research showed that professionals in this industry, above anything else, want to log and manage the sites they stumble upon.

As of now, they rely on clunky notes apps for names and addresses and the native camera app for site pictures. It is when they get back to the office that they realise they have a phone full disorganised notes, untagged photos and unrecognisable names. A lot of people don’t bother at that point, a small number of people take the time to log them in on an excel sheet. Excel sheets that are often forgotten and never acted upon. Don't you think your time is better spent assessing sites rather than crawling through excel sheets?

Mobile app- Blog

LandInsight GO solves these problems. You can save comprehensive site details with just a couple of taps.

When you launch the app, it automatically locates your position and asks you to confirm the site you wish to save. The sites are delineated with the official Land Registry site boundaries, so within an instant you can gauge whether the site is worthwhile. You can also preview ownership information and official parcel areas to help you make a snap assessment of whether you want to save the site for later review. 

Save sites on the go and when you're back in the office all your sites will be well organised and waiting for you.

Simply tap, "Save Site", add comments and photos if you want to, and thats it! It’s that easy. You can view and manage all your saved sites on your smartphone or on your desktop. That’s right, LandInsight GO seamlessly synchronises with the desktop web app. So when you’re back in the office all your sites are well organised and waiting for you.

You can then use all of LandInsight’s powerful desktop tools to assess your saved sites further. In a matter of seconds, you can find site owners, comparables, or check for planning constraints.

Don't have LandInsight? Sign up for a free trial here!

Transform the way your team works

Our early beta users have found the app to be immensely useful, especially for teamwork. LNH teams that have runners on the road use their app and log sites in shared workspaces. Some of our clients requested multiple licenses so that they can orient their workflow around the LandInsight platform. The addition of LandInsight GO to the platform has created an ecosystem where teams can work collaboratively, at unrivalled levels of efficiency.


LandInsight GO is now available on the App Store and Play Store. Anyone with a LandInsight account can use it for free.

If you are new to the LandInsight platform and want to learn more about it, check out our product page. If you already have and love LandInsight, I have one final question for you...

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