Why your feedback matters – and how it can boost your results

15th December 2021

Ever look at those customer feedback surveys in your inbox and just leave them unread? Yep - me too. After all, we’re all busy, so they can just feel like another thing on the to-do list.

But have you ever thought about how responding to those surveys could affect – or, more specifically, improve – the tools you rely on every day? 

After all, sharing your thoughts is the only way to let people know what’s working, what isn’t, and what you’d love to see next.

Of course, that’s only true if they actually do something with the feedback, so let’s take a look at how the system should work.


What is an NPS (and why should you care)?

One of the most common ways of gauging customer feedback across a product is with a Net Promoter Score (or NPS).

NPS surveys are an industry standard for most tech companies. It helps companies to get a view of how their customers see them.

The survey is very simple – just one question, asking you to rank the product on a scale of 1-10.

  • 1-6 = Not a fan (detractors)
  • 7-8 = Neutral
  • 9-10 = Would actively recommend the product (promoters)

NPS Feedback

To get an overall score, it's simply:

% Promoters - % Detractors

That gives a score somewhere between -100 (the worst), through to +100 (the best).

The average NPS for B2B software is around 30.

Our NPS? 71.

That means a lot of people love us, and aren't shy about saying so.


What do we do with your feedback?

  • 1) We share it with everyone (good or bad)

To start with, all feedback is shared company-wide. That means everyone – from the engineers, the product team, right up to our CEO Jonny – can see everything that users like you are saying.

This helps to give everyone an accurate idea of how customers feel about everything we do, and helps to keep us focused on the most important thing – you.


  • 2) We follow up directly

Your Customer Success Manager will review your feedback and follow up if they require any additional information. 

This might be to work through any challenges you might be having with the tool, to discuss potential new features requests you may have given us, or even for a case study opportunity if you really rate us highly.


  • 3) We use it to continuously improve everything

All of that information is then used in the best way possible.

We have regular internal meetings to discuss what’s working, what isn’t, and what we should be doing more of.

In fact, the NPS responses we get have been a huge driver in what features we’ve added and when. So if you really want to drive the direction of the product, don’t forget to open up our survey! 



How else can I give feedback?

The NPS survey isn’t the only way you can give your feedback. 

Our Customer Success Managers and Account Managers will always make time to listen and deliver your feedback to the wider business. 

We can even involve you in product research, which is a vital part of our product development process. That way, you’ll have direct input into improving and adding to the LandTech product suite.


Help build the product YOU want

Like I said at the beginning, I often get these surveys, and occasionally ignore them. But if it’s for a product or service I really love, or use every day and wish could be just a little bit different, I take five minutes to let them know.

After all, I know from my experience here at LandTech that it can have a big impact.

Of course, one big way to share your feedback – and get real-time input on how we can help – is to book a site-sourcing review with a LandTech Customer Success Manager.

Want to find out more?

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Chloe is a Senior Customer Success Manager here at LandTech. She's also been a Special Constable for the Met, and has partied with Ronaldinho in Rio (they're basically besties).