How we’re helping customers make 2022 their best year ever

20th January 2022

Every Unlimited LandInsight customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager included in their plan, which can be an invaluable asset.

So what is a Customer Success Manager? And how can you work best with yours?

We hear these questions fairly regularly given that the concept of Customer Success is still pretty new. 

So, let me tell you a bit about us! 

The LandTech Customer Success team are responsible for exactly that – your success. Through our expertise and our desire to push product capabilities to the max, we’re here to support you in your journey with LandTech. 

Think of us as your trusted advisors – here to guide you in turning your goals into a reality. 


Why is Customer Success important to you?

We all want to be successful, right? 

No one wants to make a purchase and not capitalise on that. We appreciate this completely and that’s why we make it our job to make sure you use our product suite in a meaningful way to really boost your return on investment!



How the LandTech Customer Success team can support your success this year


  • A new year partnership kick-off

Start the year off right with a collaborative kick-off session with your Customer Success Manager.

Tell us your goals for the year, then we can share how LandTech can help you achieve them, and how you can track your progress along the way. 

Plus we can give you some insider insights on what’s coming up on the LandTech roadmap so you’re ready to hit the ground running when they come.


  • Product refreshers

The great thing about evergreen products is that they continually evolve. 

The challenge? Keeping up to speed! 

Whether you’re an established user that would like a quick reminder or a new user looking for the full tour – your Customer Success Manager is here to help. 

We can provide you with refresher training sessions where we’ll share best practices, much-loved but occasionally overlooked features, tips and tricks to support your success and make sure you’re up to speed with our latest features and functionality. 

Working together

  • Partnership business reviews

A lot can change as we progress through the year and partnership business reviews or site-sourcing reviews are a great way to keep on top of those changes, as well as making sure we stay aligned in how we work together. 

Are you progressing on your initial goals? Are you using our products as well as you could be? Are you prepared for the months ahead? 

These are all questions your Customer Success Manager can help you answer during these strategic sessions.

In fact, here are five reasons to book your site-sourcing review.


  • Your Customer Portal

If you’re interested in seeing how you and your team are using LandTech products in real time – which datasets are proving most valuable, which layers have the most visits, which licences could be put to better use etc. – your Customer Success Manager can set you up with access to a portal that shows you just this. 

Plus it gives you access to a whole host of helpful resources, key links and documents.


Customer Success is part of your plan – so make the most of it

Booking a meeting isn’t the only way to benefit from the knowledge and experience of your Customer Success Manager. We host regular webinars, share regular content and are available for quick questions or queries as you need it! 

So don’t miss out on what could be a really beneficial partnership angled at supporting you in achieving business success this year (and every year)!

Already a LandTech customer? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today to get any of these sessions booked in or just to say a quick hello. Similarly, look out for an email from your Customer Success Manager in the coming weeks, we’ll appreciate it!

Here’s to 2022!

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Hannah is the Customer Success Lead here at LandTech. A Northants girl originally, she's proven herself an international force for CS after being based in New York for a year (which is just one of the 28 US states she's visited)