Future of Property Technology Bloomberg Discussion

21st September 2015

 Jonny alongside Alex Chesterman and Russel Quirk at the Bloomberg property technology debate

Jonny alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla) and Russell Quirk (eMoov) on the Bloomberg TV property technology debate
Our CEO, Jonny, recently took part in a roundtable discussion in Bloomburg UK's headquarters, organised by the venture capital fund Episode 1. Alongside him on the panel was Alex Chesterman, the founder and CEO of Zoopla, Russell Quirk the founder and CEO of eMoov and Daniel Ganesh the founder and CEO of Property Partner. Alex's company Zoopla is probably the best known of the bunch, with it's millions of monthly users and famous rivalry with Rightmove, but each one have very interesting businesses. eMoov are currently oversubscribed on their one million pound fund raise on Crowdcube to boost their growing online estate agency. Property Partner is a property-crowdfunding platform that lets more people invest in property, ultimately giving investors the ability to spread their risk by investing in a range of properties, as opposed to just one at a time.
Property technology (#proptech) is a very interesting space, as it is not as advanced as many other sectors, yet it affects the lives of each of us. New housing supply coming to the market is at drastically low levels which means prices are climbing at record rates. Among a wide range of ways technology has started to effect property (such as sharing bills, letting out your spare room, communicating more easily with tenants), our mission is to help expose new sites with the potential for housing to property developers, in a faster and cheaper way.
With easier access to land viable for housing, more opportunities are presented for those wanting to enter the market. This was one of the main areas of discussion in the roundtable event and Jonny was able to press this point home. Technology enables new methodologies and workflows that drives new ways of thinking and behaving. It is not going away and as more data, and the ability to access this effectively, becomes available, we believe there is an answer to the housing crisis that doesn't involve making un-popular and hard to implement policy changes.

Jonny's the CEO at LandTech. He lives and breathes PropTech – he’s often the guy who can see what's going to happen before it happens. He has strong principles and is known throughout the industry as an advocate for diversity in the workplace. He hates Diggerland and loves snowboarding.