BNP Paribas Real Estate: Innovation for Evolution

13th January 2020

BNP Paribas Real Estate pride themselves on providing impressive real estate services for an ever-changing world, and embracing LandInsight is helping them do just that. 


The hero

They're a main property player here in the UK, and are experts in European markets and regulations too.

Their dedication to providing great services shows in their early adoption of innovation.

  • Leading the UK property market for over 150 years
  • Advising on over €29 billion assets across Europe
  • Using LandInsight since 2017


So what's changed?

Innovation is at the heart of BNP Paribas Real Estate's ambition. They always meet problems with original ideas, and they knew that being proactive in their site sourcing would improve the services they offer clients.

The firm are highly attuned to the changing needs of their various clients, but providing tailored services to suit everyone meant time was never on their side. They wasted hours searching for information, across a range of archaic platforms, for site that were ultimately unsuitable investments.

Opting for strategy over struggle, this market-leader turned to LandInsight to simplify their site sourcing.


How LandInsight's helped

James, the Director of Development Planning, and Jess, a member of the development team, use LandInsight every day. With it the can find off-market opportunities and rule out bad investments with all the information living in one place.

BNP Paribas-2

Planning search

By setting planning filters, James and Jess can quickly identify sites with approved or rejected applications. Plus the planning history of a site provides valuable information, especially around an opportunity's potential uses.

Using the constantly-updated information in LandInsight means the team can create air-tight applications for their clients' developments – and do so much faster than the competition.

Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 12.02.48

Comparable data

When James and Jess have found the right site, the next step is to check it's at the right price. For this, they use the comparable layer.

By quickly seeing the sold and estimated value of off-market sites compared to others in the same area, BNP Paribas Real Estate can continue to provide advice for their clients based on real evidence – and make sure they always pay the best price.


Ownership search

Once they have found a site, the next step is maximising its potential.

For instance, on a large infrastructure project around the M25, the team were left with an isolated site to develop. It had no access routes, which was a huge problem. But one that was easily solvable thanks to the ownership search function.

With the help of LandInsight the team were able to find out who owned the surrounding land, and buy that too. That meant they had easy access, and could really unlock the value of their site.

"LandInsight is the whole package of information – in one."

That's what we aim to be, Jess. And we're chuffed we're making your lives easier.


The impact

With the help of LandInsight, BNP Paribas Real Estate have future-proofed their client services.

They've always been known for providing great property consultancy, but now with LandInsight their processes are more streamlined than ever. And that means their clients get accurate, up-to-date information faster than ever.

Jess and James used to spend their time trawling through Local Authority websites, Land Registry, environment agencies and all manner of other sources to find the data they needed to accurately assess a site.

Now? By filtering the best development opportunities to the top of the pile faster, LandInsight has helped the team save a whopping 90% of their time.



Let's get you started

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We can help make the whole process simpler and more efficient – whatever your size.

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