5 reasons you should run site-sourcing reviews

28th September 2021

Site-sourcing reviews are an invaluable tool to help you stay at the top of your game, and ahead of the competition.

What are site-sourcing reviews? Well, let me explain…

Site-sourcing reviews involve taking some dedicated time to review the progress you’re making towards your business goals when it comes to site sourcing.

They help you to check in on what’s worked best over the past few months and also gives you the opportunity to organise the months ahead. 

If you have never done a site-sourcing review before, here are five reasons why you should. 


1) See what’s working

Take a look at your current processes when trying to find and assess opportunities and make notes on what you feel is working well for you and your team. 

  • Why are they working well for you?
  • Are they saving you time?
  • Are they allowing you to review those opportunities without needing to make hundreds of phone calls or scroll through numerous websites to get to the information you need?

If you’re using a site-sourcing tool (like, say, LandInsight) it is also a great opportunity to use the time to review the statistics and see what features you’re making the most of. 



2) See where to improve 

Sometimes processes work seamlessly the first time you try them but sometimes they need tweaks to make them work better.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the process is failing but you may find ways to improve them for many different reasons including saving you time getting to the end result. 

For example, spending 30 minutes filling out multiple addresses on your introductory letters to landowners could be reduced by running a mail merge, for instance, especially when exporting a lot of addresses.


3) Familiarise yourself with what’s changed

Even if your processes are the best in the business, they’ll stop performing as well if the business changes around them.

The property industry is a constantly-changing space, so regular reviews are a good time to stop and reevaluate what’s new.

That might be looking to get started in Use-Class-E-to-Resi conversions, or seeing the latest data on which areas are building more homes than last year – and adjusting your plans accordingly.

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4) Clean up what’s already in there

Just like you’d do a spring clean in your house we always recommend making sure you spend some time having a clean-up of the projects and programs you’re already working on. 

When you’re managing multiple projects or programs things can get a little busy quickly, so make sure you have dedicated time on a regular basis to get your systems back on track.

  • Are all the contact details up to date?
  • Have you recorded all the responses you’ve received?
  • Are all the notes stored in the right places?

If you’re using LandInsight, for instance, that might be as simple as making sure each of the sites you’ve saved are in the right stage of the sites pipeline, and even spending a bit of time making sure the stages you currently have in your pipeline are still working for you.  


5) Celebrate your successes


Site sourcing reviews are a great way to highlight the successes since your last business review - it’s very easy to look at things you need to improve that you forget about the great work you’ve done and the opportunities you’ve discovered over the past quarter so now is your time to do it!

Take a look at the goals for your business and see how close you are to achieving them and also discuss the challenges you have overcome since your last review. 

Odds are you’ve actually achieved far more in the past few months than you can even remember, so set aside some time to celebrate the wins. You deserve it.


Want to really get the most from your review? LandTech can help.

As a Customer Success Manager, business reviews are one of the most important activities I recommend to customers. They help you to know what’s working so you can improve where you need to, and double down on what’s already doing great.

Of course, you don’t need a Customer Success Manager to walk you through it, but they can help by providing structure and experience (after all, we run these reviews all the time).

Already a LandInsight customer? Contact your Customer Success Manager now book your review.

Not a customer yet? Well – along with helping you save 80% of your site-sourcing time – now you’ve got another reason to get started.


Megan is a Customer Success Manager here at LandTech, tasked with helping people get as much from the platform as possible. When she's not doing that, she's probably reading (100 books in 2020 alone) or dancing with people off the telly (OK, one time, at a wedding).